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colour artist

Dyeing is precision work. For many years, we have given the responsibility for this highly sensitive process to our partner company PRO LEN in Sumperk in the Czech Republic. For over 10 years, the head of the dye works there has been Ondra Zupko. He is a master of his trade - qualified, experienced and innovative. Moreover, Ondra is a virtuoso in developing new colour concepts, which capture the spirit of the OSKA and ISCHIKO philosophies.

How important is the subject of colour to OSKA?

Very important. The colours carry (so-to-speak) the OSKA collection. Through colour it unfolds its beauty and characteristic properties. This is why we test each fabric separately. That way we can obtain the optimal effect and ensure that the collection’s colour scheme is uniform and all pieces harmonise with one another.

What makes OSKA colours so special?

We do not produce loud colours. Of course, there are one or two »bright colours« in every collection – i.e. strong and intensive shades. They accentuate. But our palette of colour is oriented mainly towards nature, to matte plant colours, warm earth tones, cool and shaded nuances and delicate pastels. We – the design team in Munich and the dye works in the Czech Republic – create about 20 new colours each season. And the production is a highly complex, elaborate process – it is real precision work.

Tell us a little bit…

At PRO LEN, in my so-called dye kitchen in the Czech Republic, I mix colour, and alter them until the shade meets the design team’s specification. Sometimes this is a matter of nuances, of minimal colour gradations. The attention to detail is crucial for the look’s special presentation of colour. A part of this tricky process is to match an individual shade with the respective material. Linen actually responds differently to dye than cotton or viscose does. What is particularly unique about our colours is that we use the garment-dye process for many of our products.

Ecology plays an important role in the textile industry and is especially hotly debated within the dyeing process. How does PRO LEN deal with that?

Thankfully, our dye works were among the first companies to work with AVITERA, a special dye technology. It saves approximately 30 % of water and energy during the dyeing process. We also make use of an energy-saving heating system which takes the waste heat created during the dyeing and washing procedures and uses it to heat the entire building complex.

colour artist
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