OSKA Vancouver - OSKA Light Linen
oska light linen
Light OSKA Linen

Material: Light OSKA linen
Fabrication: Czech Republic
Origin: Yarn from France
Mixture: 100% LI

This exclusive OSKA linen is the main quality of the OSKA summer collection since the companies founding in 1997. These articles are garment-dyed and are constantly reinterpreted by new dyeing techniques. F.i. The vintage colour effect is achieved by a double dyeing process. In the first dyeing process the typical dark shadows are produced by a black pigment colouration. The second step is a reactive pigment dye. This double dyeing process is unique and has been developed to minimize the negative properties of pure pigment dyeing in colour and rubbing fastness. This process lasts twice as long and is therefore much more expensive than pure pigment dyeing.

The colour development originates in collaboration with the OSKA`s own dyeing factory. The customer-specific dyeing is unique, each shop gets their merchandise per outer fabric from one dyeing batch without colour differences. OSKA is one of the first companies working with Avitera, an environmentally friendly dyeing technology that saves about 30% water and energy.

Positive properties:
- no fuzzing and dirt repellent
- anti static and antibacterial
- cooling
- robust and tear resistant
- suitable for allergic persons

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