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oska linen embroidery
Linen with embroidery

Material: Embroidery on a Fil à Fil linen
Fabrication: Czech Republic
Origin: Irish linen
Mixture: 100% LI

  • Base fabric is yarn-dyed, construction is plain weave, Fil à Fil
  • This fabric is named Fil à Fil (engl. „End-on-End“) is typically woven using white thread with another color to create a fabric with a subtly heathered texture that, from a distance, appears as a solid color.
  • The embroidery of fabrics has a centuries-old tradition in India. The TV channel Arte produced a very interesting documentary on various countries in Asia with the title "Fine Fabrics, Distant Countries", which shows that “Made in Asia” does not mean cheap mass-produced goods. Our product is not embroidered by hand, but by machine. These embroidery machines make only 14 meters per day!
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